Planing your trip


Hello fellow kilt-loving travelers!

Whether you go for vacations or for business, you’ll have to book your ticket and find a place to stay. Don’t forget that you should always buy an insurance, to enjoy your trip free of worries.

If the travel date is not a priority, then you’ll have freedom to look for cheaper prices.

Since I live in Canada, I personally prefer to check and Yulair because prices are  displayed in Canadian dollars. 

I also check the airline’s website and their Facebook page.  

For places to stay, I often go to Priceline, Tripadvisor, Expedia, Agoda and Airbnb.

Depending on the length of your stay, if it’s longer than a month, it could be useful to consult  SpareRoom or Zoopla

I found out that the best time to travel to Scotland, price-wise, is February. There are, also, plenty of rooms available everywhere.

On the contrary, on summertime, it is necessary to book months ahead of time, because there are many festivals and the country is full of visitors.

Do not forget to look at the reviews beforehand.

Do not neglect to buy an insurance if your credit card does not include one for the total length of your stay, or if it’s incomplete.

Read the insurance booklet.

If you are in doubt, do not assume that something is included. Always corroborate with the company.

Read the fine prints.

Following these aforementioned steps could save you some headaches. Tomorrow I will talk about why you should always have to take dish washing soap with you, when travelling. Until next time!


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