A few notes about what you should carry when travelling


I would like to provide you with some advice, in order to bring back home only good memories.

Starting your trip, there are some precautions you should take, once you boarded your plane.

I used to think that, at least once a day, during night time, planes were thoroughly cleaned, tables were washed, seats and carpets were shampooed and, of course, kitchens and bathrooms were deeply washed and disinfected.

Working as a Flight Attendant, I learned that airplanes are slightly cleaned at each destination for about 15-20 minutes. During that time, employees, have to take off all the garbage passengers have left behind, at the most unreachable and unimaginable places of the aircraft. They have to arrange belts over the seats; empty trash cans; put new bags into seats pockets and trash bins.

There’s not enough time for wiping the tables. They are left untouched, as they were left by the last passengers on those seats, and the passengers before them, and so on.

Therefore, if a seat was used by a mother who changed the baby’s diapers over a table; or, if a person coughed over a table, nobody ever wiped it.

Neither you nor your children, should walk barefoot on the plane.

Hotel rooms

It doesn’t matter if you are staying in the most luxurious hotel or in the most humble bed and breakfast. Whether you travelled to a far away destination or the town next to yours. When staying outside home, you should always carry with you some detergent, disinfectant and wipes.

A good practice is to wipe all the surfaces that are often touched by people; remote control, telephone, electrical switches, door knobs, faucets, alarm clock, hair dryer, controls in air conditioner, etc.

I also used to think that cups, glasses and pitchers were, daily, collected by Housekeepers and replaced by clean ones. Instead, those items never leave the room and are washed, by hand, on the bathroom sink.

Always wash the coffee maker’s pitcher, glasses and cups before using them.

Now, you can enjoy that fresh smell of cleanliness and that hot cup of coffee.

Next, I will provide you some useful information about the airports of
Glasgow and Edinburgh.


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