Some tips about cleaning, when you are not at home

Whenever you do some cleaning in a property that is not yours, you have to be careful enough to leave the place in the same condition or better than it was, when you arrived.
For that you should take the following steps:

– Use non abrasive and non corrosive products.
– Read the labels.
– You don’t want to leave a trace, a sign or a mark where you’ve passed a cleaning product.
– Even worst, you don’t want to have your credit card charged with some kind of replacement , after a hotel noticed a damage left by one of the products you used (faucets can be easily damaged by some abrasive cleaning products on the market).
– Always clean from the surface you consider is the cleanest towards the surface you consider to be the dirtiest and non vice-versa.
– If you want to play safe, you should wear gloves or use a plastic bag to cover your hands, or, isolate your hands by increasing the distance between your hands and the wipe by adding toilet paper in the space between your skin and the wipe.
– Instead of cleaning the remote control and the room’s phone, you could cover them with a transparent plastic bag
– Last but not least, remember: This is a cleaning you do to prevent to catch some flu or minor discomfort, not to really clean the place. That’s the hotel’s obligation!


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