Arriving to Scotland

Dear readers,

I always arrived to the Airports of Glasgow or Edinburgh.
There are a few options for going to the city:

Arriving to Glasgow

Some important facts about Glasgow Airport

Like any international airport, it has currency exchange counters, coffee places, restaurants and it also has;

-Free Wi-Fi throughout the whole airport.

-A Tesco supermarket where you can go shopping, not only on your arrival, but during departures as well; you can do any last minute shopping before leaving the country. An important thing to note is that the prices in this store are not more expensive than prices from stores in the city.

-If you will arrive late at night and you want to wait until the sun rises or, on the contrary, your plane leaves too early in the morning and you decided to spend the night at the airport, there is a large area next to arrivals with very comfy armchairs where you can relax.

There are no trains connecting Glasgow airport with the city. The nearest train station is Paisley Gilmour St., a little over 1 km from the terminal.

Buses can be taken from the different bus stops outside the main door of the airport terminal. All buses have free Wi-Fi

The buses you can take from the airport are:
First 500: direct to Glasgow city centre, runs 24 h, every 10 minutes.
From Stance: 1
Adults: Single: £7,50, Day: £10, Open return: £10
Child: Single: £4, Day: £6, Open return: £6
Family: Single: £16 ——, Open return: £24

First 77 Hospital Connect – Glasgow City Centre (via Renfrew, Braehead shopping centre, South Glasgow University Hospital and Partick)
From Stance: 6.
Adults: £4,90
About this bus, I would like to add that not even bus drivers want you to take it. I really had to insist that I wanted to take it. While it is true it takes longer than the First 500 to arrive to Buchanan station and it does not have a place where you could leave your luggage. It is also true that is cheaper and you can see and know the city better. You should not take this bus if you are travelling with more than a hand luggage.

Taxis: you can take “the white cabs”, around £20-£25 or “the black cabs” around £14-£16.
Taxis can be paid by credit card but there is a surcharge for this facility.

You can get more information at the airport website

Arriving to Edinburgh

Buses: one thing to consider if you’re taking a city bus is that you’ll need the exact change. There are change machines at the parking lot of the airport.

Airlink 100 (Stop D): to Waverly Bridge
Frequency: Every 10 minutes.
Journey time: 30 minutes approximately (Waverley Bridge).
Fare: Single £4.50, return £7.50 (reductions for children).

Night bus N22 (Stop D): to the city centre and on to Ocean Terminal in Leith between 00:45 and 04:15, seven nights a week.
Frequency: Every 30 minutes.
Journey time: 28 minutes (Waverley Steps).
Fare: £3 flat fare (unlimited travel for one night).
Visit the Lothian buses website

Service 35 (Stop F)

To Ocean Terminal, with stops including RBS World Headquarters, the Scottish Parliament and the Palace of Holyrood.

Frequency: every 15 minutes Monday to Saturday daytime and every 30 minutes evenings and Sundays.

Journey time: About an hour depending on traffic (Holyrood).
Fare: Single £1.60, DAY ticket £4.00 (reductions for children).
Same consideration as with the Glasgow 77, bus drivers and airport workers will not mention this bus. While it takes longer to arrive to the city, perhaps it will leave you closer to the place where you are going to stay, or maybe you will save money by buying a Day ticket. You should not take this bus if you have more than a hand luggage.
If you want to have more information about how to go from point A to point B, schedules and other useful informations, please visit the website of Lothian Buses.

You can find more information about transportation to and from the airport terminal at the Edinburgh Airport website

Until next time, when I will tell you about some interesting facts.


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