Scottish trafic

Dear travellers,

Like me, many of the visitors belong to 66% of the countries in the world where you drive on the right side.

If you are thinking about renting a vehicle to travel around the country you should consider whether you are prepared to drive on the left side of the road.

Not only it draws much attention when arriving to the United Kingdom, but it is also a hazard if we do not pay the necessary attention.

We are used to look at the other way before crossing the street. Remember! on streets with dual circulation: always look first on the right side and then on the left side as the vehicles will appear in that order.

Anyway, perhaps in an attempt to decrease the number of injured tourists, main streets have written on the floor the direction where you should be looking, with an arrow indicating the direction.

There are stop signs but you should not trust them and cross the street thinking vehicles will stop and give way to pedestrians. The stop sign is, often, just a warning indicating a dangerous intersection.

I never drove in Scotland, and, so far, I will not do it. I do not know the rules of traffic, but these were a few things that caught my attention as a pedestrian.

Until next time!.

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