Hello dear travellers!
I want to talk to you today about graveyards.
They everywhere! They are an important part of the Scottish landscape. It is impossible not to find them while strolling the cities.
I must say that, at risk of sounding weird, they are very nice and extremely interesting.
Some of them, as the Mackenzie in Greyfriars, are famous all around the world. Their poltergeists can be seen on videos or can be read all over the internet.

It is usual to see Cemeteries surrounded by houses and buildings with their windows facing the graveyard.

It was surprising for me to see that, at least in Edinburgh, we can visit them even during the evening; either being part of a guided tour, while learning some scary stories, or by ourselves, depending on how we want to live the experience.

You may find some headstones laying flat on the floor, while visiting, please refrain the impulse of put them on the erected position, this has to be made only by a memorial mason.

You may also find a horizontal grid tomb.The reason for this is because, in the past, bodies were paid by medical universities and some people used to steal the recently buried corps. To avoid this from happening, bodies used to be put in these grid tombs until decomposed and not longer useful for selling.

I hope you find it interesting as I am going to talk a little more about this subject.

Until next time!

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