Arthur’s Seat and Salisbury Crags

Hi fellow travellers!

Today, I want to tell you about these beautiful, dormant, volcanic formations that can be seen from almost everywhere in Edinburgh, the Arthur’s Seat and Salisbury Crags.

They are other of Edinburgh’s free attractions to enjoy.

It is an ideal place for those who like long walks, hiking or trekking, as well as for artist and writers in search of inspiration, bird watchers, wildlife lovers or simply for those who would like to admire the beauty of the place and the city from above.

Located in Holyrood Park you can access from different parts of the city. There are roads and it is possible to go over by car, too.

There are three lakes with swans and different kind of birds.
One of them, St Margaret’s Loch is at the base of the mountain, almost opposite to the Holyrood Palace, besides the ruins of St. Anthony’s chapel. Time seems to have stopped in that corner of the world, it is like stepping into another dimension, where there’s only peace and beauty.

The second one, Joe Muir Pond, can be found following the same path, around the mountain, close to the top.

The third one, Duddingston Loch, is also at the base of the mountain, on the entrance of Duddingston village.

Some details to consider: as with every walk in nature, you must wear comfortable clothing, hiking boots or sneakers. It can be windy, it could rain and it is always colder than in the city, you have to dress accordingly. A circular walk from Holyrood Palace could take around 2 hours, it will take more if it’s your first time as you would like to stop more frequently to enjoy the view and take pictures. At night there is no artificial lighting, so, if you plan to stay until dark you should bring your own flashlights. There are no public bathrooms either.

I recommend it as one of the places to visit while in Scotland because for me it was love at first sight.


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