A walk from the University of Edinburgh to the Royal Mile

Next to the University of Edinburgh, is The Meadows.

Not only we are going to be attracted by its scenic beauty but because we will also find an urban variety of people practicing all sorts of sports, young people celebrating the bachelorette party of some member of the group, acrobats walking on a rope, students mounted on sticks simulating brooms playing a sport similar to the one we see in the Harry Potter movies. In short, the population that walks or uses The Meadows is in itself an attraction of this great and unique city.

The University of Edinburgh’s Labyrinth

Continuing our journey through the Middle Meadow Walk towards Lauriston Pl., in a corner of George square, right in front “the Chrystal Macmillan building” of the University of Edinburgh, we find the “Labyrinth”

a place intended to slow down, still the mind and find time in a fast paced world for reflection. A distinctive brand that adds charm to this quiet area. Walking the path of the labyrinth offers a unique space to start the day off well, gain inner peace, focus on a particular question or issue, a path for meditation or prayer, celebrate a life event, for example a birthday or graduation, to remember someone, or just a simple outdoor exercise.

There is also an indoor labyrinth, more intimate, open to the public only on some specific dates during the year. To get information about the dates, visit the following page labyrinth, events, indoor.The interior labyrinth is located in Room 1 of the Bristo Square Chaplaincy.

George Heriot’s School

Continuing our walk we can go to the left of Lauriston Pl., Towards the school George Heriot, Heriot is a school from 1628. Donated by George Heriot, the famous jeweler of King James VI and his wife, Queen Anne. Mr. Heriot’s idea was to be able to provide quality education to orphaned children and children from low-income families. Nowadays it is a very exclusive and expensive school, where the children of the wealthiest families of the United Kingdom go, but in which orphaned boys are also able to go thanks to scholarships, with which the generous and altruistic spirit of their donor would be maintained. This school is the place where Mrs. Rowling was inspired to create the Hogwarts School of Magic and Sorcery.

The Vennel

At the side of the Heriot’s School we find a small street, Heriot Pl. After a few meters this street changes its name by Vennel, The Vennel is one of the most picturesque streets or passages of Edinburgh, offering a spectacular view of the Castle. We can appreciate the Flodden from close, the walk ends at the Grassmarket.

The Grassmarket

Very old pubs and a stone monument to remember the exact place where public executions were carried out adorn and give character to this unique area.

The junction of Victoria Street to the left, Cowgate St. at the front and Candlemaker Row to the right, offering three different options to finish our walk

Victoria Street

If we take the road on the left, Victoria Street, we find one of the most beautiful streets of Edinburgh, which has the privilege of being the most photographed street in Edinburgh. Arriving at the corner with George IV Bridge, we will find a pizza place with a ramp. My suggestion is that you take that ramp and continue your journey, as you will go to the top of Victoria Street (West Bow), where you will watch, from above, the route you’ve just made,

You’ll appreciate Heriot’s School at far, Victoria Street below, the Grassmarket a little further on and you will be beside the tables of a restaurant located at that level, continuing in the opposite direction from the one you came, a passage, Upper Bow, will lead you to the Royal Mile.

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