The Hairy coo free tour

This tour was amazing!

Departs from the Royal Mile, in Edinburgh.Even if you are not staying in that city you should plan ahead and make reservations online at to take advantage of this tour while in there .

On winter time sunrise is late, so, our journey began watching the sun still rising on the Firth of Forth.
hairy coo8
Our tour guide, Brian, was engaging, friendly, responsible and very patient. He made everyone of us feel special, as he took the time to chat with every single person who took the tour. He even spoke in Spanish with me! He gave us the best example about what Scottish hospitality is.

His driving was excellent! I felt safe and was able to relax and concentrate in the stories and legends he was constantly telling us about the places we were passing by or the places we were going to see. He made us sing, dance and enjoy our journey beyond expectations. He even stopped in places that we were not supposed to stop just to give us the opportunity to take pictures because the sun was going down and the colours were absolutely astonishing.

I had the best time I’ve ever had on a tour, even if I was all by myself I did not feel alone as the atmosphere, created by our tour guide, Brian, was very friendly.
hairy coo6
This tour to anyone who comes to Scotland and who wants to see and learn about this wonderful country in the most entertaining and interactive manner at a very affordable price.

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