The Kelpies

The Kelpies are legendary beings that can adopt different shapes, being the most frequent those of a horse or that of a woman.
It is said that these beings inhabit any surface of water, rivers, lochs and streams. Although those who have survived its charm and have filled the tradition with the stories of such encounters are those who have crossed into them at the Loch Ness.
The Kelpies come out from the water and attract their victims with their irresistible glances, causing their preys to walk into the depths of the waters and drown.Kelpies 3
In other cases it is said that they emit a hypnotizing sound that makes them unable to resist the compulsion to throw themselves into the deep waters, this version reminds us of the legend of the sirens.
kelpies 2
The fact that all those who have claimed to have had an encounter with the Kelpies have been in the vicinity of Loch Ness makes many scholars of the strange creature that inhabits this lake, believe that the Kelpies and Nessy are one and that people confuse this creature with a horse due to darkness or fog.
The Kelpies of Falkirk are two steel sculptures, 30 meters high, of two giant heads of horses coming out from the water, one looks up to the sky, smiling, and the other looks down, sadly. They are the largest equine sculpture in the world.
They represent the importance of heavy horses in the industry and the economy of Scotland, specially in the area of Falkirk.
hairy coo5

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