Hello dear travellers! I want to talk to you today about graveyards. They everywhere! They are an important part of the Scottish landscape. It is impossible not to find them while strolling the cities. I must say that, at risk of sounding weird, they are very nice and extremely interesting. Some of them, as the … More Graveyards

The National Animal

Hi, fellow travellers! The Scottish National Animal is the Unicorn. There are two versions about why they’ve chosen this mythological animal. The lion is the English national animal and, according to an old tale, the Unicorn beat the Lion, so it’s a great metaphor given the rivalry existent between both countries. The second version is … More The National Animal

Scottish trafic

Dear travellers, Like me, many of the visitors belong to 66% of the countries in the world where you drive on the right side. If you are thinking about renting a vehicle to travel around the country you should consider whether you are prepared to drive on the left side of the road. Not only … More Scottish trafic

Arriving to Scotland

Dear readers, I always arrived to the Airports of Glasgow or Edinburgh. There are a few options for going to the city: Arriving to Glasgow Some important facts about Glasgow Airport Like any international airport, it has currency exchange counters, coffee places, restaurants and it also has; -Free Wi-Fi throughout the whole airport. -A Tesco … More Arriving to Scotland

A few notes about what you should carry when travelling

I would like to provide you with some advice, in order to bring back home only good memories. Starting your trip, there are some precautions you should take, once you boarded your plane. I used to think that, at least once a day, during night time, planes were thoroughly cleaned, tables were washed, seats and … More A few notes about what you should carry when travelling