The Kelpies

The Kelpies are legendary beings that can adopt different shapes, being the most frequent those of a horse or that of a woman. It is said that these beings inhabit any surface of water, rivers, lochs and streams. Although those who have survived its charm and have filled the tradition with the stories of such … More The Kelpies


As an artist, I feel my spirit burst with joy every time I visit Scotland. Not only for its landscapes, but also for the richness of its museums. An interesting fact, to keep in mind, is that most museums in Britain are free. This, is because many of the artworks come from other countries and, … More Museums


Hello dear travellers! I want to talk to you today about graveyards. They everywhere! They are an important part of the Scottish landscape. It is impossible not to find them while strolling the cities. I must say that, at risk of sounding weird, they are very nice and extremely interesting. Some of them, as the … More Graveyards

A few notes about what you should carry when travelling

I would like to provide you with some advice, in order to bring back home only good memories. Starting your trip, there are some precautions you should take, once you boarded your plane. I used to think that, at least once a day, during night time, planes were thoroughly cleaned, tables were washed, seats and … More A few notes about what you should carry when travelling